A very attractive, lovely and yet humorous work by the world famous animal painter Henriëtte Ronner-Knip. Depicting a mother dog, probably a Jack Russell Terrier, trying to protect her newborn puppies from a curious kitten.
In this work Henriëtte shows her great talent in several areas. Although the work is tuely lovely, it is also humorous. The slightly overprotective mother Jack Russell, who has just given birth to 4 puppies, is startled by the sound of a kitten probably not much older than the little terriers themselves. The curious and mischievous look of the young kitten contrasts very nicely with the slightly exaggerated reaction of the mother dog.
The puppies themselves don't seem to care much about it. The two puppies just outside the basket continue to play with each other, while the rightmost puppy in only busy drinking. The leftmost puppy seems to miss everything and is fast asleep.
Together with the very beautiful light, this is a true masterpiece by Henriëtte Ronner-Knip.

Artist: Henriëtte Ronner-Knip (1821-1909)
Size: 16 x 21 cm
Signed: Bottom right
Material: Oil on panel

Price: 13.950 EUR


Henriëtte Ronner-Knip, born in 1821, as the daughter of landscape artist Josephus Augustus Knip. She was the first active female artist to join "Arti et Amicitae" in Amsterdam. At the beginning of her career, Henriëte painted landscapes. These landscapes were increasingly being replaced by very realistic painted animals. Later she moved to Brussels. It's right there where henriëtte Ronner-knip would really specialize in cats and kittens. Usually against the background of exclusive fabrics, antique furniture and other luxury items.
Museum 'The Kunsthal' in Rottedam held a large retrospective of her works at the end of the last century. Her works can also be found in many museums, such as in the Rijksmuseum.



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