A beautifully detailed winter landscape by Cornelis Petrus' t Hoen with a 'koek-en-zopie' stand near an idealized mansion with 3 small turrets. The painting was made in 1842, which is the last year in which Cornelis Petrus' t Hoen studied in The Hague. Although Cornelis 't Hoen only started studying at a relatively older age and had experience as an amateur for some time, it is clear in this work how quickly he mastered the intricacies of painting. The influence of Andreas Schelfhout can already be clearly seen here, both in terms of subject and quality. Cornelis 't Hoen, due to his low production, may not be one of Schelfhout's best-known students, but certainly was one of his most talented. The splendid light and the beautifully idealized mansion with the three lovely turrets demonstrate this in full.

Artist: Cornelis Petrus "t Hoen (1814 - 1880).
Size: 42 x 57 cm
Signed: Signed and dated bottom left; (18) 42
Material: Oil on canvas

Price: SOLD


Cornelis Petrus' t Hoen (1814-1880) was born in Amsterdam, where he initially worked as a tradesman. He married artist Gertruida Maria Buys, which motivated him to pursue a life as an artist as well. As a result, Cornelis 't Hoen eventually went to study at the Academy of Visual Arts in The Hague around the age of 27. He was a student of Andreas Schelfhout (1787-1870), Anthonie Waldorp (1802-1866) and Georg Andries Roth (1809-1887).
It soon became apparent that Cornelis 't Hoen, like his teacher Andreas Schelfhout, had a talent for winter and summer landscapes. He also made some city views and river landscapes.


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