Liquis Sky Gallery is an initiative by Fabian Franciscus. His passion for art started at a very young age, when his father used to take him to small local auction houses where he would only have eye for paintings and works of art.
At the age of 15 he bought his first watercolor, which was described in the catalogue as a nameless ‘print’. Fabian however recognized it as a fine watercolor by Nicolaas Wicart.
20 year of experience in art later, the time came to start Liquid Sky Gallery.

Liquid Sky Gallery has a broad collection of paintings, watercolors and drawings ranging from the 17th, until the 21st century. A place where modern masters and even upcoming artist meet the old masters from the 17th century.
A place where several different art movement come together under one roof. Where the connecting factor is that all works are selected with great care. Where every work, from whatever art movement, has always been somewhat ahead of its own period.
If only to guarantee that your collection is gaining that extra touch of originality, character or panache!


Fabian Franciscus has made name for himself as a comedian. In his first show ‘Vlafeest’ he openly shared stories on his autism diagnose. That positive attitude was quickly picked up by a larger crowd and contributed to a more positive view on mental diversity.

As a positive ‘extra’ to his autism Fabian has the ability (or ‘fieps’) to very precisely imprint images of works of art in his memory. Because of which he has the great advantage of recognizing and authenticating ‘new’ paintings by comparing the very small details with earlier memorized details of similar works.

Where the first details to remembered are usually the sky and atmosphere. Preferably ‘liquid skies’...





Oudezijds Voorburgwal 27
1012EH, Amsterdam
Every Sunday: 12:00 - 18:00
All other days open by appointment


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