A truly magnificent work by Bonifacius Cornelis Schneiders of Greyffenswerth from a panoramic view in the lush and untouched nature, possibly close to Cleves (Germany). The way in which the light from an inlet illuminates the grove on the right and the enormous depth effect that is created by dropping such a strip of light in the background gives this landscape a truly dreamlike character. Everything in this work seems connected. The sandy path follows the brook to the left and the brook to the left seems to be connected again with the river in the background, which ensures that the foreground is connected to the background.
All of this is additionally decorated with many romantic aspects, such as the lushly branched skyline in the foreground, the almost nomadic-looking herdsman and his little conversation with the accidentally passing mother and child. Depending, but also with the help of nature, they will eventually all arrive at their destination, just as the many sailing boats in the background will eventually calmly blow to their destination.

Artist: Bonifacius Cornelis Schneiders van Greyffenswerth (1803 -1873)
Size: 48 x 62 cm
Material: Oil on panel
Signed: remnants of signature, bottom right
Provenance: From a German collection.

Price: On request


Bonifacius Cornelis Schneiders van Greyffenswerth was born in Zierikzee. He studied law in Leiden and obtained his doctorate in 1829. He started painting around 1818 and was a student of Abraham Johannes Couwenberg for a period of 8 years. Bonifacius Cornelis Schneiders of Greyffenswerth made many study trips abroad, such as to; Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.
It is also known that he collected 19th century works himself and that he owned a Barend Cornelis Koekkoek, among other things. His work clearly shows that he was strongly attracted to the 'Kleves school of painters'. The influence of Johann Bernard Klombeck is also very clear.
In 1836-1837 Bonifacius Cornelis Schneiders van Greyffenswerth made his second study trip to Germany. It is quite conceivable that during that trip he also visited Cleves, where B.C. Koekkoek settled in 1834 and also the place of birth of J.B. Klombeck.


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