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Cornelis Saftleven – Juno in the clouds with Io

A landscape with Juno in the clouds, confiding Io to the care of Argus. Goddess Juno – the wife of Jupiter – found out about Io, who had been turned into a white cow by Jupiter. This painting reminds very strongly of the work by Saftleven in the Rijksmuseum.

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Johfra - De muren van Jericho - Liquid Sky Gallery -  t

Johfra – The walls of Jericho

A somewhat mystical and very exiting painting by Johfra.

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Victoria Fantin Latour Dubourg - coin du table - Liquid Sky Gallery -G

Victoria Fantin-Latour – Nature morte à la Brioche

A true museum quality paining of a delightful lunch table, including a brioche, apples, a silver sugar pot and a tea cup. Victoria married to Henri Fantion-Latour in 1876

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Liquid Sky Gallery is an initiative by Fabian Franciscus. His passion for art started at a very young age, when his father used to take him to small local auction houses where he would only have eye for paintings and works of art.
At the age of 15 he bought his first watercolor, which was described in the catalog as a nameless ‘print’. Fabian however recognized it as a fine watercolor by Nicolaas Wicart.
20 year of experience in art later, the time came to start Liquid Sky Gallery.


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Adrianus Eversen - Zomers stadsgezicht - Liquid Sky Gallery


The term ‘cityscape’ only became fashionable around 1800, before that the term ‘konterfeitsel’ was used, which loosely translated means “portrait”.

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Victoria Fantin Latour Dubourg - coin du table - Liquid Sky Gallery - t


Over the years, still life paintings remain a highly valued subject. From Rachel Ruysch to Pablo Picasso and from Caravaggio to van Gogh, the still life is always depicted in a different way, or by a different movement.

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As a long-standing tradition, which got more and more popular in the 16th century, many great Dutch masters have celebrated the Dutch traditional winters. Well known are of course the winters by Hendrik Avercamp or by Pieter Bueghel.

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