Albertus Verhoesen – Chicks in the nest

Albertus Verhoesen - Chicks in the nest

A very well executed painting of a subject for which Albertus Verhoesen received great acclaim. The newly born chicks are the most eye-catching in this lovely and fresh colored painting. Some chicks even seem to be spreading their wings, something that increases the symbolism of the circle of life depicted in this painting. The enormous, well-worked out details and the light sky make it a beautiful, fresh painting that pops off the wall. Even every brick of the ruin in the background has been completely worked out. In short, a very nice work by Verhoesen.

Artist: Albertus Verhoesen (1806 - 1881)
Size:  5 1/2"x 7"
Signed: lower left
Material: Oil on panel
Condition: very good

Prijs: 2150 EUR


Albertus Verhoesen (1806 - 1881) lived and worked in the province of Utrecht (Utrecht, Hilversum and Amersfoort) all his life.
In 1824 Verhoesen moved to Hilversum, where he was reportedly taught by Barend Cornelis Koekkoek (1803 - 1862). In any case, it is certain that Verhoesen lived with B.C. Koekkoek for some time.
From 1834 to 1853 Verhoesen was the master city drawer of Amersfoort. In 1853 Verhoesen moved back to Utrecht to never leave his beloved city again
Albertus verhoesen mainly painted small, but sometimes also somewhat larger landscapes with cattle, animal stables and especially a lot of poultry. He also had lessons from Jan van Ravenswaay and Pieter Gerardus van Os.
His works are in the possession of; Het Centraal Museum Utrecht, Museum Boymans-van Beuningen and the Rijksprentenkabinet in Amsterdam.


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