What a cheerful and summery work by Frederik Roosdorp! The painting is the counterpart of 'A cold winters day', also offered by us. Where the typical 'pendantjes' (counterparts or twin paintings) in the 19th century mainly consisted of a winter and a summer view, this pair actually consists out of a winter landscape and a very summery river landscape. Which is somewhat in between a summer landscape and a river view. Admittedly a very summery, sun-drenched river view.
Especially the bright colors, the strong contrast between light and dark and the very attractively arranged composition give this work an extremely endearing appearance.
This work is only for sale in combination with 'A cold winters day', also by Roosdorp

Artist: Frederik Roosdorp (1839 - 1865)
Size: 19 x 26 cm
Signed: Bottom left
Material: Oil on panel

Price SOLD


Frederik Roosdorp (1839 - 1865) was born in Amsterdam, where he died at a fairly young age in 1865. Unfortunately, also probably because of his early death, very little is known about him. It can be safely stated that his cityscapes fall within the Amsterdam Romantic School and then primarely within the subgenre of city and village views. His work is strongly reminiscent of that of Adrianus Eversen (1818 - 1897) and Cornelis Springer (1817 - 1891). Both were also born in Amsterdam and, like Roosdorp, painted cappricio cityscapes as well as topographically correct ‘konterfeitsels'.


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