A very nice example of a ‘wintertje’ by Charles Leickert. Especially the sky in this painting is an eye-catcher. It is a masterly depiction of a calm but slightly threatening sky. It is very clear that more snow is about to unleash upon this unsuspecting landscape, but the whole thing is  ‘still in the air’ at the moment. This suspense, together with the wind catching the reed give this painting a very lively look to it.
Leickert is known for duplicating certain details from previous works, usually in slightly modified form, when he was satisfied with the result. This is especially visible here on the left side of this painting. That part resembles, in a slightly modified form, a combination of two other works known by Charles Leickert. Namely; 'IJsvermaak met koek en zopie aan een stadsrand', sold on 11 November 2015 in The Hague and the work "A winter's day on the ice" sold on 18 November 2018 in Amsterdam.

Artist: Charles Leickert (1816-1907)
Size: 30 x 42
Material: Oil on panel
Signed: Remains of a signature, lower left

Price: 5.900 EUR


Charles Henri Joseph Leickert (1816 - 1907). Leickert was born in Brussels. Later Leickert moved to The Hague, where he also went to study at the Academy of Visual Arts. He was apprenticed for a short time under the early deceased painter W.J.J. Nuijen and was a pupil of Andreas Schelfhout from 1839 onward. His influence is clearly reflected in the use of light, subject and atmosphere.
In 1849 Leickert moved to Amsterdam, where he became a member of Arti et Amicitiae that same year. He also became a member of the Royal Academy in Amsterdam in 1856.
Leickert was a very prolific painter who left behind a great oeuvre and is still regarded today as the favorite of many collectors.


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