A beautifully detailed scene of a vegetable seller selling 'out of the window', by Andries Scheerboom. Certainly because nowadays more and more people have their groceries delivered to them at home, this scene seems to be getting more romantic by the day. The vegetable seller has beautifully displayed all her vegetables and sells her products, probably self-grown, from her window.
Scheerboom shows his skills as a painter here. The way in which the carrots or the bucket on the right are depicted, for example, betray that we are dealing with a very experienced painter.
In fact, Scheerboom apparently found this scene so interesting that he made (at least) two copies of it. This painting is a larger and much more beautifully detailed version of another painting from 1861 with the same scene (except for a few minor changes).

Artist: Andries Scheerboom (1832 - 1880).
Size: 30 x 20 cm
Signed: Remains of a signature on the window frame
Material: Oil on panel

Price: 1.850 EUR


Andries Scheerboom (1832-1880), was born in Amsterdam, where he first worked as a house painter before he started working as an art painter around in the year 1852. He mainly painted interiors, figures, genre scenes and folk festivals. In 1863 he left for London where he also produced city views and some historical pieces.
De Pieter Scheen Art Lexicon mentions two exhibitions where works by his hand were exhibited during his lifetime, namely in 1853 in Leeuwarden and in 1880 in Amsterdam.


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