Skaters and a group of figures gathering on the ice near sunset. The red glow in the sky gives this cold winters landscape a very warm feel. The tiny details in this work, such as the way the straw roof top on the left-hand side is catching the last rays of sunshine, give this work a more than unique atmosphere.
In some of his paintings Jacobus van der Stok had the teasing habit of ‘hiding’ his signature in his painting. Sometimes he signed his paintings in the same color as the background and even written upside down.

Artist: Jacobus van der Stok (1794 – 1864)
Size: 19 x 26
Signed: Lower left
Material: Oil on panel

Price: 4.600 EUR


Jacobus van der Stok (1794 - 1864) was born in Leiden. Little is known about Jacobus's education, but we do know that he was apprenticed to Albertus Jacobus Besters, who also worked in Leiden. Jacobus van der Stok moved to Amsterdam around 1828. He mainly painted summer and winter landscapes.
Every now and then Jacobus had a teasing habit of hiding his signature somewhere in his works. Sometimes he signed his paintings in the same color as the background or even written upside down.
He taught, among others, to Cornelis Springer.


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